Secure Applications to Manage Operations at Schools, Colleges and Universities

A Hassle-free and 100% satisfying CRM for Schools, Colleges and Universities

A Hassle-free and 100% satisfying CRM for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Educational institutions’ success depends on how they manage relationship and communicate with key groups that include students, parents, alumni, teachers and other staff. Managing educational organizations is no easy task. On one hand, it takes robust data management capabilities to organize information and make it easily accessible. On the other hand, it also requires continuous and non-stop running of operations in an optimized and smooth way.

21st century schools and colleges rely upon powerful systems that are specifically built to help manage processes, administrative operations and data in educational establishments. As single-window solutions, they become vital for the management to take timely and data-based decisions, reduce costs and improve the organization’s overall performance.

A Hassle-free and 100% satisfying CRM for Schools, Colleges and Universities
Centra CRM/EDU

Centra CRM/EDU

Centra EDU is a cloud-based, multi-capability CRM software designed specifically for schools, colleges and universities. It helps users in managing all aspects of their organization, from admission and fee payment to the scheduling of courses, management of student credit points and curriculum. Centra EDU is also equipped with an ESS for students as well as teachers. Equipped with multiple features, the CRM software helps users manage even the miniature processes of all aspects.

Centra HCM

Centra HCM

Centra HCM is a human resources software that helps educational establishments fulfill their staffing needs and manage the workforce. Centra HCM makes HR management hassle-free and effortless as it automates the management of attendance, timesheets, workload and payroll comprehensively. It can be customized to suit the requirements of any organization and can be integrated into existing ERP software.

Centra HCM

CentraHub's Scope

Application Management

Includes criteria-based applicant ranking, generation of student ID after fee payment and ability to restrict applicants with outstanding fee or any other conditional requirements.

Course, Program & Lecturer Scheduler

Defines course details like course type, credit points, priority hours. Captures details of program type curricula along with details of lecturers, weekly availability, workload logs and courses.

Fee Management

Projection of notifications for Admission fee and due-dates, generation of auto-SMS/emails to qualified applicants /parents and payment gateway integration for online payments.


Students, parents and teachers of the institution have personalized credentials to access a portal specifically designed to cater their needs.



Centra CRM is a one-stop solution for educational establishments to take care of their day-to-day operations as well as other areas of management. It automates all operations, reduces costs and equips users with powerful reporting tools.


Application Management


Course & Lecture Scheduler


Fee Management


Calender Management


Centra HCM is a Cloud-based human resources management software that fulfils the unique requirements of staffing at educational institutions. It’s equipped with features to automate recruitment, attendance, payroll and time sheets for a smoother and more effective HR management

Key Features


Organization Tree


Manpower Budget & Planning


Payroll Components


Time Card