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Centra CRM

Business owners and sales managers understand the fact that selling is hard. However, it’s harder to juggle with multiple software for each sales process. A highly effective customer relationship management system will encompass and enhance all aspects sales and marketing, leaving the managers and business owners free to strategize and plan ahead with the valuable data compiled by the solution.

Centra CRM includes the good, the smart, and the ideal in an enterprise-ready package. It is a Cloud-based online CRM software that can be fully customized to tailor-fit the needs of any organization and can also be integrated within an existing ERP software.

Centra HCM

Business owners across all industries understand how important it is to align their workforce with their business goals by engaging and leading the employees to ensure long-term competitiveness and growth. However, with the chaotic nature of human resource management, it’s impossible to work on such strategic initiatives without a powerful HCM solution.

Centra HCM is a Cloud-based human resources management software that can help you achieve business goals by managing employees effectively. The solution can be customized to suit the unique requirements of different verticals of all major industries and is equipped with multiple features that make employee management effortless.

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Centra REMS

Centra REMS streamlines and automates sell, rent, and lease administration, enabling you to manage your real estate portfolio more intelligently. Our property management software system is designed with the latest digital technologies to simplify managing of corporate, residential apartment, and commercial real estate assets.

Whether you are an owner or franchise holder, Centra REMS offers a complete visibility over the sales revenue, asset availability and other key metrics to help you reduce costs, identify new opportunities, and minimize risks to enhance the performance of your real estate business.

Centra OA

Centra Owners' Association Management System is a web-based community management and invoicing portal that facilitates the management of community events, calendars, facilities, and activities, with online logins for owners, tenants, and community managers.

Centra REMS OA includes a set of dedicated tools, offering a powerful, flexible, and easy-to-use solution to automate collection process, budget, and occupant management of real estate property. It handles user-specific facilities management tasks including planning budget for a particular year, renewing tenancy contracts, alerts and notification feature, space management, and more.

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Centra CAFM

Centra CAFM is a cloud-based computer aided facility management software provided by CentraHub, a trusted vendor of industry-specific business solutions. Centra CAFM helps property owners automate all the major aspects of managing their assets and aids in taking data-based decisions for all eventualities.

Users can manage automated Planned-Preventive-Maintenance (PPM) of common area and in-suite assets in addition to serve breakdown or reactive maintenance requests through carefully governed SLAs ensuring quality in customer service.

Centra Auto

Get ready to face the new automotive challenges and opportunities with the help of Centra Auto software. The innovative solution empowers you to accelerate the efficiency and flexibility of car rental, sell, lease, dealership, repair, and workshop management services of your business and keep it on pace with the global market.

No matter what your company size is, Centra Auto offers a comprehensive, secure, and end-to-end automobile management software solution to gain complete visibility of every aspect of your automotive business.

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Centra PM

Centra Project Management software provides project managers real-time visibility and control over the resources needed to improve operational efficiency for successful project completion. Progress through the tendering stages with automated workflow governance controls and stage-based tools which ensure estimation, quotation, version tracking and winning of the tenders using tools that provide accuracy

Tap into our flexible project management system to manage the full project lifecycle from a centralized source, keeping your portfolio on track from forecasting and planning to accounting and closure.

Centra Edu

Educational establishments often face the challenge of sifting through a vast amount of data to get relevant information and make it accessible to the right users. In such a scenario, a single, unified platform that record the data of prospects, students, alumni, donors, and affiliates can be nothing short of a game-changer.

Centra EDU is an online CRM software that connects all information, stakeholders and every point of contact through an easy-to-use solution specifically designed for schools, colleges, universities and educational institutions. It’s a Cloud-based application that helps users in managing all aspects of their establishment while providing a powerful record-keeping platform that can be accessed with ease and relied upon for data security.

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