Centra Alliance and Partnership Program

Partnering with CentraHub

As the world witnesses technological advance on a rapid scale, businesses are looking for solutions that can free them from daily operations and provide them with more time and tools to innovate and strategize. 

As a vendor, partnering with CentraHub will enable you to provide IT solutions that cater to every business need. Our solutions are known for their comprehensiveness and adaptability. Every industry we serve has a major player in it whose name features among our clientele.

Centra Alliance and Partnership Program - an Overview

CentraHub’s Alliance and Partnership Program is a carefully devised structure that ensures growth and expansion for the partners in all major aspects of their business. Every partner can choose to become either a Registered Partner, a Certified Partner or a Premium Partner. Each of these three levels has its own unique features and benefits.


We value our partners greatly and invest considerable resources and attention to ensure that they get what they deserve in every deal they make on our behalf. Partnering with us will benefit you in the following ways:
Profits: To put it in simple words, we want your business to succeed. Therefore, we will aid you in building your profits through incentives, rebates, renewals, services and most importantly, very strong margins.
Apart from this, you can be assured of the fact that by using our products, your customers will be getting clear ROI and front-end benefits. This will help you expand your margins by providing a complete portfolio of services.


By partnering with us, you can gain access to our support resources that will assist you in all stages of your sales funnel, including pre-sales, sales, marketing, renewals and post-sales. We would also conduct training and certification programs to prepare your team in handling customer issues.

Ease of doing business

We always ensure that our partners get certified through a smooth process. We maintain a single point of contact dedicated to your business. With fast registration of deals, quick distribution and continuous support, the speed of your sales processes will increase substantially.

The following information would help us suggest the ideal partnership program for you: