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About the Partnership Programme Centra Hub

About the Partnership Programme

Through a network of 26 branches in 16 countries across the world, we support a wide network of resellers, all working on the leverage principle (maximum benefits with little efforts) to support Centra CRM solutions.

Developers at Centra Hub work in close coordination with stake holders to develop innovative ideas into fully functional commercial software solutions. Strategic partnerships encourage resellers to work on providing the local interfaces, lead generation, resources for installation and support of our solutions, while we focus on software design, development and customer support.

The way we approach partnership is a very pragmatic and professional one: we believe that succeeding together to satisfy our clients is what counts most.

Partnership Programme Resources

The portal includes all the business and marketing resources you need

Quick & Easy Deployable Solutions in centraHub main

Quick & Easy Deployable Solutions

Centra Solutions packed with latest technologies makes the solution deployment time and resource optimized.

Out of the Box Integration with 10+ Global Applications in centraHub main

Out of the Box Integration with 10+ Global Applications

Centra Solutions are highly compatible for integrations with its open API's, making it integrations ready for global legacy systems.

Deep Verticalized Offerings in centraHub main

Deep Verticalized Offerings

Offerings such as Real Estate Management solutions,Airport Management solution, Garage management solution and 10+ industry specific gives Centra's Platform a unique edge.

Cloud & On Premise Models Offerings in centraHub main

Cloud & On Premise Models Offerings

Centra Solutions are uniquely programmed for best of both the worlds. Depending on priority of Effeciency, Affordability and Security Centra users can opt for Cloud or On premise solution.

Multi Lingual Solutions in centraHub main

Multi Lingual Solutions

All Centra Solutions are Multi language enabled.

Certification Programs in centraHub main

Certification Programs

Centra Hub provides deep knowledge transfers of the latest Technologies involved in making Centra Solutions via Centra Certified Technical & Sales Associate/Expert programs for Partners & Customers.

Partnership Programme Benefits

We were established in 1987 and relaunched in 2016 and count 90% of Fortune 100 as our customers.

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15 years of solution rendering

Solutions are being used in the Global market since 1992.

17 countries footprints

Centra operates from its regional branches and partners across all major continents.

11K + users globally

User base across the Globe and counting, makes Centra solutions a Global work transformation force.