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Most powerful CRM software

About Centra HUB

Centra Hub is a digital transformation solutions vendor that provides vertical specific business process automation solutions suites, CRM, HCM and Studio platforms which metamorphosis business landscapes.

The product portfolio traces its roots back to 2002 where the first version emerged and empowered Centra's elite clientele in embarking upon their digital transformation journeys. Over the last 15 years Centra's product portfolio has evolved into highly automated, vertical specific solutions that have transformed over 11500 corporate entities across 17 countries through Centra Hub's elite partner network.

Centra currently boasts over 120 man-years of management experience with an average individual corporate experience of 10+ years across its officers.

Most powerful CRM software


Centra's products commenced the journey of the digital transformation of its first customers

Most powerful CRM software

28 Nations

25 Industries

Centra's elite partner network services clients in various businesses across the globe

Most powerful CRM software



Centra's products transform employee experiences enhancing their productivity

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About Us

Centra Technologies as an entity was carved out in the year 2015 with a vision to further enhance digital transformation, vertical specific business process automation and governance. Centra Hub's product portfolio includes CRM, HCM, REMS Sales & Leasing Solutions, Centra CAFM, Centra Owners’ Association, Centra Auto, Centra Project Management, Centra Education Management and brings the latest technology into the current era through SaaS or on premise model and integration-friendly solutions.

Centra Hub delivers cutting-edge solutions to bring together people and processes through effective, yet easy-to-use software systems.

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