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Our forward-looking leadership team is made up of dedicated, focused and experienced executives. Working with each other and with our employees worldwide, their knowledge and experience come together to make a difference for all our stakeholders – patients, healthcare providers, employees, investors and communities around the globe.

Mr.Hasnain Ali Khan

Mr. Hasnain Ali Khan

Co-Founder, Chairman & CTO

Mr. Khan’s legacy boasts of building massive global businesses in the space of IT solutions in business administration and governance. Through his illustrious career, his organizations have operations that span a footprint of over 17 countries across the globe. As a founder member and chairman, he steers the board of directors of CentraHub towards excellence in the technology space.

Mr.Ahmed Ali Khan

Mr. Ahmed Ali Khan

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Khan has been a driving force in evolving businesses through their journey of digital transformation across the globe, through his companies, that excel in the space of software solutions for business administration and governance. As a founder member to CentraHub, he brings with him a tremendous wealth of expertise in global business operations, taking CentraHub to the cutting edge of delivering excellence across various geographies around the globe.

Mr.Fiaz Ali Khan

Mr. Fiaz Ali Khan

Group President

Mr. Khan’s exceptional prowess in business administration, finance and leadership, finds him on the board of directors of CentraHub wherein he acts as an advisor to the founder members and governs the financial operations of the group.

Ali Hyder

Ali Hyder

Group CEO

Mr. Hyder is a veteran of the IT industry and has excelled through his illustrious career of over 18 years in the space of business inception, expansion, technological excellence, and exceptional customer service and systems delivery. As a foundation member and promoter of CentraHub, he brings with him his wealth of expertise in steering the operations, governance and management of CentraHub through its journey of technical brilliance.

Nisith Naikr

Nisith Naik


Mr. Naik has been immersed in the domain of IT since 1996, and has since achieved tremendous success throughout his professional career, driving change, business excellence, and intelligent technological solutions for his customers. As CEO, he brings his expertise to the day-to-day operations and governance, and through his unique leadership style, works shoulder-to-shoulder with his workforce in bringing Centra’s special flair to the products, the channel and the customers.