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organization tree feature in centraHub Organization Tree

Auto-populate your organization structure and view your respective departments in a multi-level format.

job grade feature in centraHub Job Grade

Define different Job Grades in the organization based on various parameters including its effect on the CTC.

roles responsibility and description feature in centraHub Roles, Responsibility & Description

User definable template to generate multiple roles and define expected responsibilities and job descriptions towards them.

workflows feature in centraHub Workflows

On specific conditions or situations, the HCM can be configured to automatically invoke the next stage / process. Workflow arms the HCM with decision making abilities empowering the system to take action based on time or events.

manpower budget and planning feature in centraHub Manpower Budget & Planning

Generate recruitment budget for the organization by departments, positions, locations or projects using tags. Check for usage of budgets to actuals and variance.

job postings feature in centraHub Job Postings

Using our powerful APIs Post your positions and job descriptions directly on the career sites and receive alerts and emails on candidate applications. View the candidates based on the filters which are completely customizable. Get a snapshot of an applicant’s CV just by hovering over his name

shortlisting and scheduling feature in centraHub Shortlisting & Scheduling

Shortlist candidates based on multiple filters and applicant details. Load shortlisted candidates and schedule them for Interview or evaluation process

scheduling feature in centraHub Scheduling

Compare and enter marks for each applicant based on rounds and round types. Decide if the candidate has to be moved to the next stage, rejected, placed on hold or released

evaluation feature in centraHub Evaluation

Evaluate these candidates with multi-level processes by defining rounds of Interviews. Set Interview questions based on job role and position. Rate the candidate by the interviewers or an online Test. Select the best to suit the profile and make an offer.

Best Employee Onboarding Software Onboarding

Set up multi-level process to onboard an employee at every event, create a task or approvals and escalations for the operations member to ensure smooth onboarding of the employee.

communications engine feature in centraHub Communications Engine

Most modules across HCM have communication capabilities of sending emails and SMS alerts using pre-defined templates to selected users based on workflows, escalations, authorizations and approval

payroll components feature in centraHub Payroll Components

Create custom payroll components, for example, Earnings, Deductions, Leaves, Loans and other additional components like Gratuity and PF. Define parameters and restrictions separately for each component

pay tag feature in centraHub Pay Tag

Define multiple dimensions by which the payroll needs to run, be it a department, cost center, location or a Project. Process the payroll from time cards or attendance by these Tags.

pay group and pay batch feature in centraHub Pay Group & Pay Batch

Create multiple pay groups and assign calculation-based rules and regulations for each pay group as per your company policies. Cluster pay groups into one pay batch to ease the payroll runs for similar group of employees and make the process faster and more efficient.

pay frequency feature in centraHub Pay Frequency

Define different Pay frequencies and assign them to different pay groups based on the organisation’s requirements.

ctc matrix feature in centraHub CTC Matrix

Get a one shot review of the CTC for each employee.

general personal and professional details feature in centraHub General, Personal and Professional Details

Create fields on the fly to capture all information such as Passport number & expiry date, Visa, Driving License, department, division etc. which is necessary for organization’s record. Define and generate alerts or reminders for each section to ensure all required data has been captured.

air ticket feature in centraHub Air Ticket

Define custom fields and record all the information depending on employee’s eligibility criteria to issue air tickets. Encash unused air tickets as per organizations’ policies which is connected to a GL account for accruals.

leave application feature in centraHub Leave Application

Get a detailed view including leave types, score card, eligibility criteria and leave accrual process as per your company policies and accordingly apply for leaves.

leave settlement feature in centraHub Leave Settlement

A quick and easy provision for the employees to settle their leaves and view summary before submitting the final settlement to verify the calculations.

return from leave feature in centraHub Return from Leave

Create pre-set policies for early or late returns & provide on the fly report computation of additional leaves taken.

leave encashment feature in centraHub Leave Encashment

Option to review and apply for encashment with pre-defined rules in Leave Masters prior to the user opting for any encashment. Option to choose for full / partial encashment which can then run through an approval process.

leave adjustment feature in centraHub Leave Adjustment

Auto adjust for leaves against overtime or if worked on holiday

unplanned public holidays feature in centraHub Unplanned Public Holidays

Enable HR to adjust the leaves after removing the public holidays with auto adjustment for unplanned public holidays for employee on Leave or having an approved leave.

loan application feature in centraHub Loan Application

Depending on Eligibility & Approval, Loan application form covers all basic information such as Loan amount, Loan type, EMI preference, guarantor etc.

loan approval feature in centraHub Loan Approval

Managers can approve, reject or modify information of their employee’s information before finalizing it.

time card feature in centraHub Time Card

Attendance can be captured & processed with different parameters such as Shifts including the Start – End time of the shift and the Working hours, OT Hours (min /max), Late definition, tolerance settings etc.

attendance management feature in centraHub Attendance Management

Multiple options to capture hourly, daily or monthly attendance, filtered by location & project for single or multiple employees and pay groups created in the masters.

Payroll Management Software Payroll Computation

Manage error-free & efficient payroll with custom defined parameters

pay slip feature in centraHub Pay Slip

Preview your salary structure with detailed break-up by each component and calculations.

Centra Salary Management System Salary Change

Changes to the salary post-payroll runs are handled using this option.

leave salary  late or early return  feature in centraHub Leave Salary (Late or Early Return)

Auto adjustment of advance payment for Vacation or Annual leaves. Leaves are adjusted as per early/late returns, if applicable.

job allocation feature in centraHub Job Allocation

Current and proposed structures are available on the screen for comparison purpose. The current one is only display based on which the proposed can be created.

compensation details feature in centraHub Compensation Details

The current and proposed salary structure can be presented to employee while review and sent for approval through workflow to the immediate manager for review purpose

claims feature in centraHub Claims

Claim your air tickets for yourself and your family based on your eligibility criteria. Expense claims settlement can also be made using different custom-defined claim types. This is settled against the full and final payments made to the employee during their end of service

exit interviews feature in centraHub Exit Interviews

Conduct exit interviews for employees through Employee Self-Services and create workflows for approvals and discussions

employee asset return feature in centraHub Employee Asset Return

Settle the organization’s assets with the employee to make sure everything that is allocated is returned in acceptable conditions.

team communications and tools feature in centraHub Team Communications & Tools

View details broadcasted by the managers as well as use this platform as a tool to communicate personal information and absence details to the respective departments using workflow manager.

requisitions feature in centraHub Requisitions

Make requests for Trainings, Loans, Advances, Leaves etc. for self or for your peers

course design feature in centraHub Course Design

Use existing tools to create course details such as Type of course, Duration, Venue, Period, Trainer and Costs.

initiate trainings feature in centraHub Initiate Trainings

Generate training schedules with internal or external trainers or conduct web-based online courses and create examination structures wherever applicable. Scores and grades of an employee are displayed in training exam result.

return from trainings feature in centraHub Return From Trainings

Maintain a record of employees who have returned back on completion of the assigned trainings. Initiate feedback forms & allow employees and trainers to exchange feedback for each other after the completion of training.

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