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AIES scales business with Centra

Centra HCM helps the company deliver on its Three-Pronged Market approach of Speed, Quality and Execution

AIES scales business with Centra in centraHub hcm
Centra HCM Solution

Established in 2012 with a vision of leadership in the field of assets management as well as properties and provisions of full specialty service lines, Avenue Address CPM &GM (AA) works towards meeting all the underlying activities towards achieving its vision to develop strategies to meet the needs of its clientele and business partners. Over the past four years, thecompany has grown and expanded its operations. In 2016, AA was incorporated under AZAM Holdings as its flagship company integrating all the other services of its sister companies. Among its prime service lines, has shown commendable performance facility planning & management, projects management, whether built-in handovers or specified contracts, personnel competency training & development, and full investments. AA focuses its strategies on highlighting cost control while sustaining quality management in its systems’ framework. “Our participation in the field of property & asset management, which extends to provisions of full facility services, has evidently grown in numbers as well as how our end users choose to retain their contracts with us. We notonly take the best of care of our partners’assets and government assets but also deliver an assurance that thetenants in our managed facilities areutmost care, humanitarian, safe,secured, healthy and hygienic livingconditions,” said Ms. Deborah Gay A.Dayrit, CEO of Avenue Address/AZAMHoldings LLC.“In the last four years, wherein ourpilot services mainly focused in Staff Accommodation facilities, under themonitoring and control of the HigherCorporation for Specialized EconomicZones, or Zones-Corp-Workers ResidentialUnit, our management hasassured and sustained the mandatoryregulations and general directives implementation from built-in to soft andhard services. We work with active participationof our clients from contractsadministration to services deliveries-and that to me is called “strength”,” she added. AA has acquired full operations andfacility management contracts fromdevelopers such as Residence VillageInn 1 and 2 formerly under Bin SalemInvestments, Taj Resorts 2 now underAl Nasser Properties LLC, and part investment son clusters at ConstructionWorkers Residential City (CWRC) underAl Rayan Holdings LLC. These villagesand cities operate with approvals andcertifications from Zones-Corp-WRCissued to AA for full compliance to UAEGovernment Regulations & Standards. “We take great pride in our competent and dependable team. While operating with the full compliance guidelines is not an easy task, ourteam ensures that the site managementand the tenants involvement comply with each policy asset by the government - not only Zones Corp but also all the related attached agencies that monitor these assets & cities’ operations. A’s objective here is not just maintaining the long-term value of the built-in assets but going the full haul to providing a home-like living environment to all our tenants,” commented Ms.Deborah.“Efficiency in contracts performance for our principals, a full understanding of each end user culture in a multi-nationality environment and addressing their needs carefully while implementing each compliance policy, and also taking into account the fluctuating market and economic scenario, is what AA’s management assures. It’s a cycle linkedto each other that we try ourvery best to sustain,” she added. From managing 2,500 tenancycontracts and 22 buildings in2012, AA now manages almost40,000 tenancies with around 70buildings and continues to grow. A delivers all aspect of organisation functions and is careful in system integrations as it continues to seek areas of improvements to achieveits vision of leadership. “Diversification and the vast upgrade in technology play a very important role in smooth operations of our facilities. To monitorand manage our back-end segment, we have Focus 8 ERP taking care ofour daily activities. We aligned our vision with the objective of operating with push-button-all-integrated software that would allow us to reduce our workload and provide accurate data with an impact of costs reduction that result to revenue, “explained Ms. Deborah. “We also deployed Centra Acrobatically for our sales management, leasing and procurement. Together,these systems provide us efficiency and accuracy from within and the end-result is our smooth operations that satisfies our principals and end users. “After all, having 40,000 residents and growing daily, more than 400companies in our long list of clientele,14 major service lines provisions, and compliance policies to consistently uphold, accuracy is one of the key requirements to avoid chaos.

Advanced International Employment Services (AIES) is a recruitment and staffing company located in Abu Dhabi and part of the diversified Bin Butti International Holdings. Other than recruitment and human resource staffing managed by AIES, the Bin Butti group has investments in real estate, facility management, industrial and commercial cate-ring, laundry services, transportation, travel and tourism, vehicle rental and leasing services, integrated technology solutions. The group supports Abu Dhabi Plan 2030, which is aimed at developing a global capital city. It supports the government’s vision of building the city of Abu Dhabi as an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable community, as well as a regional hub of business and industry. Since 2006, Advanced International Employment Services has been providing recruitment services for industrial and technical personnel, whether skill-led, semi-skilled, and un-skilled. It also offers customised solutions, whether for permanent or temporary staffing. It caters to the industries of oil and gas, construction and engineering, facilities management, environmental services, manufacturing, government, financial services, telecommunications, and digital technology. AIES has close to 50 employees at its head office but manages 2,500 others as its staff for various outsourced facilities contracts. It also manages a labour camp with 30,000 workers mostly for various projects of its parent group, Bin Butti International Holdings. The business challenges of AIES prior to its relationship with Centra and Focus Softnet related to its low level of technology implementation. It was relying on Microsoft Office for most of its complex staffing management requirements, such as various stages of visa and passport preparation for its volume recruitment projects. There were continuous inquiries from the market that needed to be followed up with various solution proposals. With significant competition in the market, AIES could not afford to ignore these inquiries as well as various leads that it received. It was also leveraging close relations-hips with regional human resource recruitment players including Bayt, Rigzone, LinkedIn, and other big ticket human resource portals. But for these relationships, it needed to have technology integration into their backend applications to generate the best results of candidates, in the shortest possible time, for its wide and demanding customer base. Based on these requirements, AIES identified modules within Centra HCM for implementation that would streamline its operations and enhance business processes. The company deployed three solutions tightly integrated; Focus 8 ERP for its backend financial system, Cent-ra CRM and Centra HCM, which went live in July 2016.Some of the Centra HCM modules have been implemented as ready to use and some of them have been customised as per the requirements of AIES. “It is not a difficult system to learn. The quality of training that was provided for staff at the head office was good and they now enjoy working on the system. Things got done speedily, including how it was integrated,” explains Juan Dorfling, Director at AIES.

Another benefit has been the ability to move forward in terms of business processes. According to Dorfling,speed, quality, and execution are key attributes that AIES brings to the market. And the solutions from Centra are being leveraged keeping these end results as the end game. The switch from Microsoft Office Centra HCM and Centra CRM has brought in gains in speed to access data and synchronisation. “We now have a system that pushes the information through automatically. Quality of the data we input into the system is important. If done correctly the data is captured and presented the right way. The data managed by one specific portal so you can quickly access the information and provide spontaneous feedback across all parts of the company, “he adds. AIES is also making gains by using Centra HCM to improve its online engagement with prospective employee candidates. The company is working with big ticket recruitment sites to automate application procedures, reducing time to execute and improving quality of the selection. “This is all about enhancement and how quick we can pull and access data and how suitable is it for my recruitment team,” comments Dorfling.Customisation was a key deciding factor during the selection process with Centra HCM winning on this point over global vendors. The fact that AIES could not customise other solutions to their requirements, would have limited their ability toleverage investments in technology for their market competitiveness. By deploying Centra HCM, AIES is confident about outflanking competition, using its three-pronged approach of speed, quality and execution. “We have got great ideas, excellent clients and loads of competition. If you cannot deliver the best talent within that agreed critical delivery time frame, then you will be left behind. The only way that this can be safeguarded is by having the right solutions in place to ensure on-time delivery throughout the entire candidate or client delivery lifecycle,”Dorfling explains. Operationally Centra HCM now provides a single window for all status and process updates. As long as the correct data inputs are provided by the AIES team, the subjectivity from human error has been reduced. As an example the application provides a drill down on the status updates of the visa and passport application process for all employee candidates under progress. With thousands of workers on its payroll for facilities management, managing the visa and passport application process for workers can itself become a challenge if it is not suitably automated. The AIES team has now transferred all the data into the Centra HCM application. It is actively using the application for labour management. “Advanced International Employment Services has entered a hypergrowth phase, where things need to move quickly and efficiently. We can now see the full lifecycle of a transaction on the system. The software allows for a one-click solution and we have all our details in one place,” explains Norlignanes is using Centra CRM track market inquiries. The incoming inquiry or lead is logged into the system and responsibility attached to an account manager. This helps to reduce human errors, improve quality of data, improve responsiveness, and provide continuing information on the status from within thesystem.AIES has also completed standard implementation of the finance module from FocusSoftnet. Dorling considers the improvement of business processes for the finance team to beat par with rest of the improvements taking place. The recent relationship between Aies and Centra Technologies has helped this human resource company to approach its client base with renewed confidence. It is also creating more opportunities for its ecosystem of potential partners, employee candidates and customers, to engage with it and generate business opportunities in a more predictable and productive manner.

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