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Consent Group paves the path to customer satisfaction with Centra CRM

Complete sales automation solution

Consent Group paves the path to customer satisfaction with Centra CRM in centraHub crm
Centra CRM Solution

Headquartered in Dubai, Consent Group was established in 1975. Since then the company has become a leading manufacturer of concrete products and polyester straps with the largest production capacity and facilities in the UAE. Consent Group manufactures a wide range of products such as kerbstone, paving blocks, grain tiles, masonry blocks, retaining wall blocks and various custom made precast elements and polyester straps. The company features a new range of innovative and unique products from around the world, which are produced under license exclusively by Consent. The company has three manufacturing facilities in the UAE with products being exported across the world. Its plants are fully automated with strict quality control measures in place with an emphasis on testing to ensure compliance with the relevant local and international specifications. Consent Group is ISO 9001-2008 certified, and is also a member of the British Precast Concrete Federation. “Consent Group was conceptualized and established by my father in 1975 as a contracting company and we eventually expanded into concrete products, which has been doing extremely well. We recently ventured into manufacturing plastic products as well as packaging material, which is used in our Concrete products. We currently have a wide range of products in our portfolio and are operating from four locations, all in Dubai. Consent has been active in many major projects in the region exporting our products directly to customers across Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and the wider Middle East,” Mr. Alan Sakr, Group General Manager, Consent Group explained. “Consent Group was established as a family business and over the years we have used different software solutions. The options available about two decades ago were limited with not many good software solutions at that time. Our relationship with Focus Softnet goes back to nearly 18 years when we were one of the first customers in the region to deploy Focus even before they had opened an office in the UAE. The company was based out of India and the software was unavailable in the UAE at that time. We procured the solution through a contact from the Focus office in India. We have deployed all the subsequent versions of Focus’ ERP solution and just recently, we migrated to Focus 8 and have gone live with the final stages of the implementation. The Focus software has been helping us to have a centralized view on our business and is helping control everything we do,” Mr. Alan Sakr added. Since its inception, Consent Group has enjoyed consistent year on-year growth and the company decided to expand its business to include manufacturing plastic products as well as packaging material well. To improve operational efficiency and customer service, the company decided to look for a customer relationship management(CRM) solution to replace a number of disparate databases, spreadsheets and paper based systems that were being used to track customer enquiries and sales. “We were looking for a CRM solution that would enable us to track all our sales information so that we had everything that we need to ensure better customer service. We are viewed CRM solutions from other vendors too and deployed Centra CRM because we wanted to have real-time access to our customers’ information to serve them better. Their software is the biggest on a single system, highly customizable and could seamlessly integrate with our backend ERP systems. We now have better flow of information from ERP to CRM and vice versa and this is an advantage which other solutions providers could not give us, ”Mr. Alan Sakr said. “Most importantly, the integration of Centra CRM with Focus 8 facilitates monitoring of pre- and post-sales scenarios, with a view of capturing all activities from opportunity generated order execution and delivery from a single platform,” he added. Centra CRM is a storehouse of valuable information about a business and its customers, which contributes in enriching the organization’s customer relations and empowering its CRM functions. This store house streamlines and coordinates with various departments like sales, productions and customer service, helping the company to be in control of its business. “One of the features of Centra CRM that we were impressed with isthe feature related to location tracking. For eg. when our sales officer visits a customer at a location and the next time if another sales officer wants to locate that customer, CRM system helps him do this easily. Also Centra CRM has a number of features that we have not found in other CRM solutions. Centra CRM offers Consent Group a centralised database with real-time data, which helps them take quick and informed decisions. Integration with ERP ensures the company can monitor progress of pending orders and outstanding payments. The solution has helped the company derive complete visibility of customer enquiries at various stages and ensured the timely completion of customer orders, which increased the company’s sales.

“The Centra CRM solution is a complete sales automation solution and offers analysis of sales activities, leads and opportunity tracking. We wanted to have all the information related to our customers at our fingers tips so that we could retrieve their history, analyse patterns, have access to real-time information that allow us to make better informed decisions. Focus on the right opportunities has helped Consent to shorten the sales cycle, thus reducing sales costs and helping to close deals faster. The solution allows us to have tighter controls on our production and inventory as the software give us a clearer picture of the status thus helping in cost savings, better production and inventory control and customer service,” said KasilingamRP, IT Officer, Consent Group. “One of the biggest benefits of using a CRM was that we were able to find all of our key information in one place and the second was that our operations improved. Our sales team can now monitor prospective customers, manage business performance, quickly create reports, predict revenue more accurately and proactively manage service issues. The integrated solution provides a 360degree view of accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities, whereby sales funnel visibility is available across the various businesses, “he added. “Revenue is arguably the most critical aspect of any business. For most businesses, particularly in the manufacturing space, this critical aspect is left to the top management, and, when delegated, is impossible to control. Revenue management from sales perspective is governed relationships between the individuals in question and the memory and priority identified at a personal level. This recipe doesn’t instil a sense of confidence that everything that can and should be done to achieve a positive sales or after-sales service outcome, is being done,” says NisithNaik, CEO of Centra. Focus 8, with its advanced CRM integration handles the aspects of presales, sales and after sales service and support with aplomb. More importantly, it sets priorities and manages procedures at an institutional level, and maintains proactivity across the sales and service eco-system, ensuring that organizations can “wow” their customers with impeccable experiences. We are happy Consent Group chose Centra CRM for their requirements. We are confident they will experience the benefits of our best-in-class solutions soon. Centra CRM has helped Consent to centralize its information, provide accurate reporting, and improve staff efficiency. With Centra, not only has Consent saved time and employee efforts but they have also been able to access data in real-time, which has helped the company make quick decisions. The solution has helped the company plan ahead with budgets and forecasting. “We have lots of expansion plans in the pipeline. From opening new branches to adding increasingly machinery in our existing locations, Consent Group is all set for the future. As the next phase, we are discussing additional solutions with Centra’s development team where we would like some of our customers to have access to some of the database to retrieve information related to their projects and orders. The idea behind this is to give the customers 24-hour access with all the relevant information for their projects. We are confident they will be able to surpass our expectations on that front,” Mr. Sakr concluded.

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