4 Ways to Create Better Marketing Campaigns Using CRM Software

4 Ways to Create Better Marketing Campaigns Using CRM Software

4 Ways to Create Better Marketing Campaigns Using CRM Software

Designing an effective marketing campaign requires an extensive understanding of your target audience, which of their requirements your products or services can fulfill, and which types of campaigns they respond to. To support all these, your business needs multi-capability customer relationship management (CRM) solution that compiles purchase history, demographics, and other related customers’ information to let you review their interactions and identify areas where you need to improve. As a powerful marketing automation software, it includes management modules that enable users to create the most engaging campaigns. In the following, we explore the four ways marketers can create better marketing campaigns using CRM software.

Sales-Cycle Mapping

Tracking sales is the most important tasks for marketers as businesses cannot grow until they measure their sales. Mapping the sales cycle enables users to identify when a lead gets converted to a prospect and when it becomes a sale. This, however, is one of the most difficult tasks and requires a sweeping look through all of the customer data. Marketers need to send appealing messages to potential customers and get a response from them.

With CRM software, marketing activities can be automated to make the entire process much easier. CRM solutions contain a set of tools that securely store every trail of customer conversations and marketing materials that created an impact on the prospects along with the information of the entire sales cycle. All this data provides users with a clear picture of how each activity impacts sales, thus enabling them to take actions that would increase prospect awareness and improve customer satisfaction through effective mapping of the whole sales cycle.

Prospect Segmentation

It is quite obvious that every prospect in the database does not share the same preference when it comes to their buying behavior. So, designing the same marketing campaigns for all would not only lower the sales rate, but it may also bring a bad reputation to the business.

CRM software is as a reliable marketing management tool to improve database quality. When your data is structured, it becomes much easier to retrieve and use. The system enables users to segment the prospects based on their demographic, purchase history, age group, campaign selection, and other well-defined criteria to form a qualified list of future or existing customers who are likely to respond to the provided campaign.

Effective Investments

CRM applications also work as marketing automation solutions that provide real-time visibility over every marketing aspect, lets you perform several marketing tasks, and records prospects’ response for any particular campaign. The system illustrates the influence of marketing efforts on sales and reveals the greatest outcome the campaigns brought at various stages of the sales cycle.

Having an integrated CRM systemallows you to identify marketing campaigns that generate most of the revenue and forecast profit projections. It helps businesses effectively determine the most successful campaigns and continue to allocate more fund and resources on the strategies that bring optimal conversion rates.

Process Automation

An advanced customer management system helps you keep all your campaigns on track. You can use these campaign management tools to add deal milestones, assign marketing activities, and store the outcome so that they can be used to identify the correct tactics and create better marketing campaigns on a faster pace.

The application allows users to set notifications, alerts, initiate customer follow-ups, and maintain complete marketing schedules. For example, whenever a lead is added, the CRM system triggers preset automated actions like sending emails related to prospects’ interest, activate re-engagement campaigns or initiate a new onboarding series. Likewise, as the lead moves down your sales funnel, another set of marketing activities that are pre-designed for this stage get triggered. All these data get tracked in the CRM systems, making analysis and measurement of results for designing a better marketing campaign much more easy.

A well-designed customer relationship management system can help you overcome the common marketing campaign challenges, improve their response and conversion rates, and bring better ROI.

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